Our college library plays a pivotal role in helping our students build self learning and knowledge acquisition skills outside the scope of their syllabus.The library has 8289 volumes of books in 2515 titles on different disciplines covering all major fields of Management and Computer Applications. Our library subscribes 82 national and international periodicals.Also having educational audio & video CD ROMs, periodical back volumes, project report etc.We maintain a special reference section, it includes subject reference books by different authors and a collection of books in competitive exams. In terms of cataloguing we employ a computerized catalogue system as well as the more traditional Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC), in this system arranges books in a specific and repeatable order, facilitating the ability to find a book and return it to its proper place


Library Rules

  1. The Library rules of IMT are applicable to all students, teachers, librarians and staff Concerned.
  2. The Library will remain open as follows (Monday to Saturday     : 9 a.m to 5.30p.m, On all working days)
  3. Students, teachers & other visitors should keep their bags etc outside the library in the space provided for the purpose. All visitors to the library are to sign the Movement Register kept in front of the library for the purpose before entering the library.
  4. Library membership is given for the students and teachers.
  5. Library reading materials are issued for those who have library membership
  6. Only three borrower’s cards are issued for one student; one book for one borrower’s card. The borrower is responsible for the loss of borrower’s card issued to him/her
  7. The borrowers can keep the books for a maximum period of 14days (1 renewal can be possible) and 1 month for teachers.   If they fail to return the books on 15th day, penalty (fine) @Rs.1/-per day per book will be charged from the defaulter. In case of books which are having high demand, the librarian reserves the right to issue notice to the borrower and call back such books even before the normal period of 14’days
  8. The cost of damaged books & missing books will be recovered from the persons concerned.
  9. Journals, periodicals, Magazines, Question papers Newspapers are for reference only.
  10. Marking/ highlighting anything on the library Reading materials is not   permitted
  11. The library furniture should not be damaged.
  12. Audio visual material can only be referred within the  library and they are operated under the supervision  of librarian /staff.
  13. The decision of the librarian(s) shall be final in all   maters subject to appeal to the principals /chief executive officer.



Our library is a member of INDEST-AICTE consortium, through this consortium subscribes e-Journals, IEEE, EBSCO and J-gate.