Mission & Vision


The mission of the IMTThrissur is to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning, and research at the highest international levels of excellence.

 In pursuit of our vision, the institute provides quality education at postgraduate level, so as to produce high-calibre graduates who will play leading roles in their chosen careers  . We aim to cultivate a well-balanced portfolio of research of the highest quality with a wide range of interests. With a clear focus on the advancement of technology, we aim to lead the way both in the creation of wealth and in improving the quality of life.

Core values

The IMT – THRISSUR core values are as follows:

  • freedom of thought and expression.

  • freedom from discrimination.



IMT- THRISSUR is committed to creating a work environment that is fully inclusive, and encourages understanding and acceptance. In fulfilling complementary roles as an educator of people of all ages , we will expand our teaching and learning activities to prepare students to succeed in a transnational world. We will graduate greater numbers of alumni to meet the demand for a well-educated workforce, and the need for independent, creative, and compassionate citizens and leaders who will shape the quality of individual and social life. Serving our students well will require us to pursue deeply engaged research, teaching, and service; to build safe, modern, and technologically advanced academic and student-life facilities. Consistent with our traditions, we will maintain a strong commitment to educating modest-income and first-generation students from urban areas, and to promoting the best interests of the community.