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The College of Nursing determines excellence in professional nursing education through a curriculum, unifying the essential phenomena of interest in Nursing, The concept of Nursing, Health, person and environment.

Our Philosophy concludes professional Nursing education at its best as an exclusive interactive process involving students and Teachers augmenting a mutual teach and learn system, in an academic climate of respect and care for each other.

We recognize that processes as well as content of an educational program are both critical for students to acquire knowledge, skills, values and competencies and hence necessarily follow the same for equipping our students with quality nursing practice.

The Teachers and management never shy away from accepting responsibilities and believe in nurturing learners by focusing on developing enough competence in them to be professionals of caliber who can work in capacities of care giver, critical thinker, communicator, diagnostician, leader, manager, Teacher and researcher all of which in fact are essential for the perpetual personal growth and development of both Faculties and students.

Philosophy of Westfort College of Nursing

The College of Nursing believes that excellence in professional nursing education is achieved through a curriculum, which unifies the essential phenomena of interest in nursing: the concept of nursing, health, person and environment. The college accepts that professional nursing education at its best in an interactive process by which students and teachers, teach and learn from each other in an academic climate of mutual respect and caring. The institution believes that accepting responsibilities for nurturing learners focusing on developing with the competencies of care giver ,critical thinker,communicator,diagnostician leader,manager,teacher and researcher are essential for the life long personal growth and development of students.

Westfort Academy for Higher Education is another academic spot of our Campus which houses Nursing Colleges and Nursing Schools. All the courses run here are approved by Indian Nursing Council, Government of Kerala, Kerala Nursing Council and Affiliated to the University of Calicut.

The Westfort Academy of Higher Education comprises of:

  • Westfort College of Nursing
  • Westfort School of Nursing
  • Westfort Institute of Para- Medical Sciences ( WIPMS )